23 August 17

I am writing to say Thank you to a member of staff in the Brighton store. I went into the shop on Thursday afternoon, not really knowing what I wanted other than a present for my son’s 7th birthday. When I went into the shop ‘Emma’ greeted me and asked if she could help at all then to let her know. I explained I didn’t really know what I wanted and she went through several toys explaining what they did and how to play them. Instead of walking out with 1 toy I walked out with 5! And it wasn’t because she was giving the hard sell. She really knew the toys and clearly loves her job. (who wouldn’t playing with toys all day!!) She was very patient and made the shopping experience very easy. When I got to the till I realised that I had left my card in another shop. She was more that happy to keep the stuff until my return. When I did I was greeted like a friend.

This isn’t the first time I have been into the Brighton store and as far as I have seen the staff are ALWAYS the same. They were great with my children explaining things in a way they could understand.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. All too often people are ready to complain when it goes wrong and then say nothing when it goes right.

I will definitely be returning.

Thanks Again.