7 September 17

I was a very stressed Group Scout Leader trying to work out whether the Rocket Kit that I found on Amazon and then contacted Fun Learning directly to check on the size of pop bottle could be launched with the kit that was listed, to include a smaller bottle. I needed the kits for a Scout Group Family end of term BBQ on the Friday, and time was running out. When I spoke to Joe he was very good in checking out what size bottle would fix onto the connector of the launcher, after a very short time of consulting with another colleague he confirmed that a 3 litre plastic pop bottle would work with the connection.  The delivery of them would be too long for me but he dealt with my order on the phone and because the Postman had not come he was able to get it straight into the system. I was pleased with the service that he gave me and how quickly he could organise the posting of the Rocket Kits. The Kits arrived by the next day and I was very relieved and happy with the kits.  

I am sure that it is very difficult sometimes with some customers on the phone but at all times Joe was calm, I felt that he was a very caring and helpful individual and with him doing what he did was excellent. Thanks to Joe’s quick and confident dealing with my request, I had everything in place and we had a great time with the Rockets during the event and the Parents had as much as their Beaver, Cub and Scout children.