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Card 'n' Go Seek

Card 'n' Go Seek
Card 'n' Go Seek
Card 'n' Go Seek
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  • Suggested Age: 7+

Find it first and find it fast! Card 'N' Go Seek is a scavenger hunt game for the whole family. Draw a card and race your opponents to retrieve the item revealed. The cleverly worded cards allow for interpretation and players have fun deciding what to collect. 'Find something sweet' could be a chocolate bar or even a picture of your cat! Find it first and win the matching card. The first player to win one card of each colour or three cards of the same colour wins the game! The game includes: 150 x cards, portable plastic case and instructions. Designed for 2 or more players.

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Model: GRB0225
EAN: 887961103540