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  • What makes it great?

    • Introductory chemistry science kit for children
    • 22 hands-on experiments and 44 lab tools
    • Includes colourful lab and career guide
    hand2mind Chemistry with a Bang

    Chemistry With A Bang Science Lab Kit

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  • What makes it great?

    • Customise your own outfits and model them on 3 paper dolls
    • 100 colour in clothing pieces and 40 reusable stickers
    • Reusable sticky backs leave no residue
    Sweet Boutique papercCraft

    Educational Insights Papercraft Sweet Boutique

    £14.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Explore the Safari puzzle and record your discoveries
    • Use the magic torch to see invisible things at a glance!
    • 70 piece jigsaw puzzle
    Headu Explore the Safari Made

    Headu Explore the Safari

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  • What makes it great?

    • Includes colour changing LED and magical sparkle sound
    • Make a magical fairy world that doubles as a night light
    • Auto shut off feature to save battery life.
    Brainstorm My Very Own Fairy Jar

    Brainstorm My Very Own Fairy Jar

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  • What makes it great?

    • Make peelable glow window decorations.
    • Over 60 designs to copy or create your own
    • Display on any glass surface not just windows!

    Glowstars Glow Window Art

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  • What makes it great?

    • 24 pictures challenges to complete
    • 6 Multi coloured shapes to build & stack
    • Suitable for children as early as 18 months
    SmartMax My First Acrobats Front

    SmartMax My First Acrobats

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  • What makes it great?

    • Fail-proof scratch art for the older children
    • Scrape away the surface to expose the patterns underneath
    • Helps develop fine motor skills and pen control
    Djeco Scratch Art Front

    Djeco Scratch Art Stickers

    £8.50 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Make a doughnut, rainbow, avocado and gummy bears
    • 20 page book teaches basic clay skills
    • Includes 10 designs with tips and tricks to personalise your own beads
    Klutz Clay Charm Bracelets Sweet Front

    Klutz Clay Charm Bracelets Super Sweet

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  • What makes it great?

    • Colour the sweet treat shapes and shrink in the oven!
    • Shapes have already been pre-drilled and cut
    • Craft set from Djeco to make 3 pieces of jewellery
    Djeco Plastic Magic Front

    Djeco Magic Plastic Sweets Jewellery Making Kit

    £8.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Cross stitch 6 original designs on coloured shapes.
    • 8 x colours of embroidery thread and 2 x cross-stitch needles
    • Includes a 32 page book with detailed instructions
    Klutz BFF Backpack Charms Front

    Klutz BFF Backpack Charms

    £15.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Create your own loveable pups!
    • With a real grooming comb and tiny hair bows
    • Make any breed of dog you want!
    Klutz Pom Pom Puppies Front

    Klutz Pom Pom Puppies

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  • What makes it great?

    • Get ready to smash, crash and bash!
    • Build 8 motor robots and over 30 buildings
    • Topple skyscrapers and wreck bridges!
    Klutz Battle Bot Front of Book

    Klutz Smash Bot Battle

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  • What makes it great?

    • 10 buttons and 12 wooden animal figurines to lace
    • Develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
    • Promotes a stronger pincer grip
    Djeco Filabouton Front

    Djeco Filabouton Lacing Buttons

    £13.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Make your own balloons and balloon models!
    • Comes with blowing pipe
    • 3 Colours available, 1 supplied at random
    MaBow Your Own Magic Balloon

    Blow Your Own Magic Balloon Kit

    £3.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Every player gets an adorable little hedgehog who wants to dress up just like mum and dad.
    • The race is on to be the first player to dress your hedgehog with seven leaves in the color that matches its glasses.
    • The game ends as soon as one hedgehog is completely decorated with leaves in its color. (usually about 10 minutes).
    Haba Hedgehog Haberdash Front

    Haba Hedgehog Haberdash

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  • What makes it great?

    • Mix and match your pieces for thousands of stylish combos
    • Includes 24 dolls, 160 outfits & much more
    • Perfect for young fashion designers on the move
    Educational Insights Papercraft Fashion Parade

    Educational Insights Paper Craft Fashion Parade

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