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Cup Cake Dice Level 1 Maths Game

Cup Cake Dice Level 1 Maths Game
Cup Cake Dice Level 1 Maths Game
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  • Suggested Age: 6+

Cup Cake Dice is a highly tactile game that focuses on addition, subtraction and the 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables. The aim of this mental maths game is to win all three cup cakes by achieving the highest score in each round. Continue rolling the dice, doing the sums and calculate your ever growing score. Beware of the ‘Aaahhh!,’ as this ends your turn. Cup Cake Dice is luck based game which allows children of varying ages to play together. The handy drawstring bag means it easy to carry and an ideal game for maths practice on the go. The game includes: 3 x 24mm dice, 3 x plastic cup cakes, 1 x storage bag and full instructions.

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Model: ZBK0024
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