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Time Bingo

Time Bingo
Time Bingo


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  • Suggested Age: 7+

Spin the spinner and be the first to cover a row of three clock faces. Time Bingo is an interactive way for children to identify and recognise hours and minutes. The four double sided boards have 2 levels of difficulty. The first covers :00 and :30 and colour coding is included helping children to distinguishes between the 2 different hands. The second level introduces :15 and :45 and removes all the clues! Bingo is a simple and familiar way to increase early time telling skills. This game is designed for 2-4 players and includes 4 x double sided bingo cards, 1 x double sided spinner and 36 x markers. The instruction leaflet includes additional game suggestions that focus on digital time and helping children to identify the relationship between time and routine.

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Manufactured by: Learning Resources
Model: LER0017
EAN: 765023095159