Apples To Apples


Suggested Age:  12+

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  • Apples to Apples is a fun party game
  • Make crazy word combinations to win!
  • Use your wit to convince the judge
  • Laugh out loud fun for large groups
  • Builds vocabulary and creative thinking

A fast paced family game of random combinations and silly words.

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Makes for a fun family game night with older children.

Players will need to make funny word combinations to win! Each round, one player is the judge. The judge picks up and plays a green apples card. There are two words on each green apple card, and the judge selects one of them for this round. E.g. ‘Amusing’ or ‘glamorous.’ Everyone else must play a red apple card from their hand. Red apple cards have the names of places and things. Each player is trying to select a word to combine with the topic that the judge will think is funniest! Players will need to make the most of their hand to win, as not all of their cards will fit. They’ll have to make some quirky combinations and maybe even convince the judge of their logic! The judge then selects the red apples card they find the best. In this case the judge might pick ‘internet kitties’ rather than ‘bigfoot’ The player that made the winning suggestion keeps the green apple card. Each round, the person to the left becomes the judge. The player with the most green apple cards at the end of the game wins! Its as easy as comparing apples to oranges. With so many cards included in the box this game has real replay value as every game will be different! This game is for 4 – 8 players. The more players, the more fun!


441 red apple cards

63 green apple cards

1 instruction sheet