Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Must-have strategy game for 2 players
  • Capture the most stones
  • Develop strategy & planning skills
  • Quick paced, tactile, addictive game!
  • Solid wood board and glass beads

Get to grips with this simple to learn but hard to master board game! A great head to head game!

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Mancala is one of those classic games that deserves to be in every game cupboard.

One of our favourites in store, there is evidence that variations of Mancala have been played for over 3000 years! This is a highly tactile game that improves memory, logic and mathematical thinking. You won’t find anything as amusing for just 2 players, providing some great unplugged play time. The objective is simple – you must collect more stones than your opponent in your ‘Mancala.’ At the easiest level, children will count out their stones one by one to make sure they travel enough spaces to deposit a stone. At the intermediate and advanced levels of play, Mancala shares similarities with backgammon with the need for both offensive and defensive strategies. The rules are easy to learn but strategies evolve with repeated play.  Each game only takes about 5 minutes to finish, but players will definitely want a rematch! Best out of 3?

Please note colours of glass beads may vary.

Weight 855 g
Dimensions 445 × 135 × 20 mm

1 x wooden game board measuring 44 x 130cm approx

48 x glass beads