Headu Play Farm Giant Progressive Puzzle


Suggested Age:  2+

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  • 7 Giant puzzles to complete
  • Each animal has more pieces than the last
  • Makes a great 1st puzzle for children
  • Chunky card pieces

Children can complete each puzzle to make all the farmyard animals!

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7 giant animal puzzles for children to complete!

Each puzzle has more pieces than the last, from the mouse with 2 pieces, to the cow with 12! This makes a great first jigsaw puzzle for children as they can progress from puzzle to puzzle, building confidence as they go. The large easy to handle pieces are made from chunky and durable card. Kids will have fun arranging the the assembled puzzles, to form a ‘pile’ of animals, each seeming to balance on the top of another! The largest puzzle, the cow, measures approx 48 by 40 cm! That’s huge!



7 giant puzzles composed of:

mouse, 2 piece puzzle

rabbit 4 piece puzzle

dog, 6 piece puzzle

hen, 5 piece puzzle

sheep, 8 piece puzzle

donkey, 9 piece puzzle

cow, 12 piece puzzle