Djeco Wooden Xylophone


Suggested Age:  18m+

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  • Colourful 4-bar wooden xylophone
  • A fish themed musical friend!
  • Wooden bars ascend and descend in pitch
  • Comes with two little mallets

Kids will love making a right old racket with this musical instrument while developing co-ordination and learning about different tones and pitches

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This cute little wooden xylophone is great for an introduction for young children to percussion!

The wooden bars make a lovely sound when struck, ascending and descending in pitch as kids strike up and down the instrument. The xylophone bars sit on rounded pieces of felt to ensure they don’t impact too hard on the base. Part of Djeco’s Animambo musical instrument range, this can be played by kids as young as 18 months old. it’s great for stimulating their mind as they experience the different sounds.

Weight 445 g
Dimensions 230 × 190 × 30 mm

£10 – £15

wooden xylophone with 4 wooden bars, measuring 20 x 22cm approx

2 mallets