Toys for 10 Year Olds

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    What makes it great?

    • Prune your deck by harvesting fresh vegetables
    • Swap, discard, or compost cards
    • Reinforces strategic thinking
    • Comes in a metal storage tin

    Abandon All Artichokes Card Game

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  • What makes it great?

    • Classic strategy game that is easy to learn
    • Game board folds away and seals at either end with a magnet
    • Pretty coloured wooden pebbles

    Tobar Mancala Game

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  • What makes it great?

    • 500 pieces with over 25 visitors to spot
    • Supplied with a key that identifies each creature
    • Great for older children and adults

    Ravensburger Garden Visitors Jigsaw Puzzle 500pc

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  • What makes it great?

    • A perfect puzzle game for both children and adults
    • Challenge booklet with 48 challenges & solutions
    • Includes a portable carrying case - puzzle on the go!

    SmartGames Robot Factory

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  • What makes it great?

    • Experiment with the oozy slime
    • 4 gooey experiments to complete
    • Discover the properties of the slime

    Big Bang Science Slime Maker

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  • What makes it great?

    • Zeus on the Loose reinforces mathematical skills and strategic thinking
    • The first player to spell ‘Zeus’ wins the game!
    • Includes a Zeus figurine

    Gamewright Zeus on the Loose

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  • What makes it great?

    • Learn how planes stay up in the air
    • Build five different types of planes
    • Experiment with different wing configurations

    Thames & Kosmos Ultralight Airplanes

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  • What makes it great?

    • Make 5 moving models
    • Learn about force, motion and energy
    • Step-by-step illustrated instructions

    Thames & Kosmos Kinetic Machines

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  • What makes it great?

    • 100 impressive tricks to practice and master
    • Easy to follow instructions will provide the secrets!
    • Free video tutorials are available

    Thames & Kosmos 100 Magic Tricks

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  • What makes it great?

    • Single player puzzle game
    • 120 new challenges to complete
    • Ideal, screen-free travel entertainment

    SmartGames IQ Six Pro

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  • What makes it great?

    • Learn to code line by line with Artie Max
    • Artie never connects to the internet just your connected device
    • 5 built-in languages - Blockly, Snap, JavaScript, Python, and C++

    Artie Max Drawing Robot

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  • What makes it great?

    • Teach children how to design more complex tracks for their marbles
    • Set contains four high-quality steel marbles
    • 100% compatible with bricks made by other leading manufacturers
    Hubelino Pi Marble run 99 piece front of box

    Hubelino Pi Medium Marble Run Set 99pc

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  • What makes it great?

    • Can you create underwater sand sculptures?
    • Discover the amazing properties of underwater sand
    • Encourage early STEM learning and scientific exploration

    Big Bang Science Underwater Sand

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  • What makes it great?

    • Includes 5 easy to do experiments
    • Encourages early STEM learning
    • Supports the national curriculum

    Big Bang Science Super Set

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  • What makes it great?

    • Children can build 3 working models
    • Each model can be built one at a time
    • Includes 486 classic Knex pieces

    Knex STEM Explorations Swing Ride Building Set 486pc

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  • What makes it great?

    • Stimulate cognitive skills
    • Fantastic problem solving capabilities
    • Specifically designed for travel - does not take up space.

    SmartGames IQ Circuit

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