Tic Talk – Word Game


Suggested Age:  10+

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  • Fast paced word game!
  • 5 words to find and 5 words to guess
  • Encourages quick thinking and talking!
  • Develop children's vocabulary
  • Team game for 4-10 players

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A fast paced word game played in 2 rounds!

In round 1 players roll the dice to generate letters. Then they have to come up with words that include those letters as quickly as possible! The longer you take writing your words down the more time your opponents have to guess them in the next round.  Round 2 the teams swap their word list and they have to describe the words to their teammates without using the word written down on the paper. Your team only has as much time to spend guessing as the opposing team took towrite the words! So watch out, you’re against the clock! A team game for 4-10 players. This is a great game for developing children’s vocabulary and spelling.