Toys for 12 Year Olds

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  • What makes it great?

    • 92 Sturdy Pieces of Pressed Card
    • Product Measures 70cmx45cmx3cm
    • Pieces in the English Language
    Janod Magnetic Wooden World Puzzle

    Giant Wooden World Map Magnetic Puzzle

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  • What makes it great?

    • An Escape Room game Experience in Puzzle Form. You’ll only be the hero of the story if – piece by piece – you can also solve the last great puzzle and make your escape.
    • Scan the QR code for extra clues
    • Escape jigsaws are crafted with premium quality and measure 70 x 50cm when complete
    Observatory Escape Puzzle

    Ravensburger Escape Room Space Observatory

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  • What makes it great?

    • Unravel the mystery before the time runs out
    • Interactive party game requires initiative, intelligence and team work
    • Designed for 3 or more players aged 13+
    Escape the Room Retreat

    Thinkfun Escape the Room – Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat

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  • What makes it great?

    • Contains 6 puzzles - 6 difficulty levels
    • Most difficult puzzles of the entire Happy Cube range
    • Can you get the cubes back into the frames!?
    Happy Cube Expert Front Box

    Smart Games Happy Cube Expert

    £10.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Plastic rods and connectors that snap together with a simple "click"!
    • Over 200 classic Knex pieces and sturdy wheels
    • Bringing together Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
    Knex Rad Rides 12in1 Building Set Front

    Knex Rad Rides 12 in 1 Building Set

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  • What makes it great?

    • Puzzle measures 70cm x 50cm when complete
    • 1000 high quality pieces
    • Spot all the popular characters from the classic novel
    Ravensburger Alice in Wonderland 1000pc Box

    Ravensburger Alice in Wonderland Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc

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  • What makes it great?

    • Features 86 of the world’s most beautiful birds
    • 70cm x 50cm when complete.
    • Great for adults and children 12 years+
    Ravensburger Amazing Birds 1000pc Box

    Ravensburger Amazing Birds Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc

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  • What makes it great?

    • Puzzle Handy is a foldaway puzzle board,
    • suitable for assembling 1000 piece and 500 piece jigsaw puzzles.
    • Puzzle Handy is printed on a neutral non-glare background colour, and includes dotted guidelines
    Ravensburger Puzzle Mat

    Ravensburger Handy Puzzle Storage

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  • What makes it great?

    • Expansion pack to add onto the GraviTrax Starter Set
    • Even more tiles and tracks for even more building possibilities
    • Contains 40 add on pieces
    Ravensburger Gravitrax Expansion Set

    Gravitrax Expansion Trax Pack

    £20.00 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • GraviTrax goes vertical with the GraviTrax PRO Starter Set.
    • Gravitrax in fully expandable with a large range of expansion packs and accessories!
    • Experiment with engineering, gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your ball to the finish.
    Ravensburger Gravitrax Pro Vertical

    GraviTrax Pro Starter Set Vertical

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  • What makes it great?

    • GraviTrax is an innovative marble run and construction toy
    • Allows you to design and build your own race tracks
    • Experiment with engineering, gravity, magnetism, and kinetics
    Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set

    GraviTrax Marble Run Starter Set

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  • What makes it great?

    • The world's most twisted puzzle game.
    • Tantrix is a great travel puzzle game
    • Play Tantrix by yourself or in a small group

    Tantrix Strategy Game Pack

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  • What makes it great?

    • Join a team of fearless adventurers on a do-or-die mission
    • Work together and make some pulse-pounding manoeuvres
    • Designed for 2-4 players
    Gamewright Forbidden Island

    Gamewright Forbidden Island

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  • What makes it great?

    • The variety of cards offers many new opportunities.
    • Change your strategy from game to game!
    • Suitable for 2-8 players aged 8 and above.
    Gamewright Sushi Go Party

    Gamewright Sushi Go Party!

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  • What makes it great?

    • Advanced version of best selling Kanoodle
    • Fit the pieces onto the board to complete the puzzles
    • 202 brain-teasing puzzles!
    Kanoodle Genius Game

    Educational Insights Kanoodle Genius

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  • What makes it great?

    • Explore the inner workings of the human body
    • Includes display stand and step-by-step, photo-illustrated assembly instructions.
    • 31 pieces, model stands 11.5cm tall
    Learning Resources Human Body Model

    Learning Resources Human Body Anatomy Model

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