SmartGames 30 Seconds Game


Suggested Age:  12+

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  • Fast-paced, family fun
  • Charades-inspired descriptive game
  • Stay cool and communicate under pressure
  • Test verbal skills and beat the clock
  • British content- people, places and events

The pressure is on with just 30 seconds to give out your clues so your team can guess the connection!

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This is a great game to invigorate any party or family gathering.

Players are divided into teams and then compete to see who can guess the most words in, you guessed it, 30 seconds. Each player describes five, unconnected words to their team to get them to guess correctly the things on the list. Words on the list may be familiar places, famous people, iconic books and films, sporting events or well-known characters but with UK content all will be well known and accessible to a wide range of ages. Expect hilarious odd connections and devilish “tip of the tongue” moments when the pressure is on. With 240 list cards, this game will get the party started again and again. Each game should last about 30 minutes and can be played with 4 or more players.

Weight 1070 g
Dimensions 310 × 210 × 70 mm

£25 – £30, £30 – £35

240 cards (with 2,400 names)

game board

30 second time


4 playing tokens

instructions and rules