Alex Bath Barnyard Stickers in the Tub


Suggested Age:  2+

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  • Mix and Match fun for the tub
  • Foam pieces stick to the bathroom tiles & tub
  • 12 animal pieces to create barnyard buddies
  • Fishnet storage bag allows pieces to dry

Have some bath time fun with these colourful farm animals. Stick them to the tub or tiles, and children can swap the heads and bodies!

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Farmyard fun for toddlers in the tub!

This can be a simple game of matching the right head to the animal body, or a silly game of zany creations – What do you get if you cross a chicken with a sheep?  A cheep? There’s lots of laughs to be had with naming children’s creations. The light foam pieces easily stick to the tiles or the bath tub when wet. When bath time is over, the animal parts float on the water for easy ’round up’. The mesh storage bag with suction cups ensures you can hang or stick it up to drip dry between uses. 

Weight 85 g
Dimensions 270 × 205 × 50 mm

1 x Mesh bag with suction cups

6 x Animals – composed of a separate head and body

Animals included: sheep, chicken, donkey, goat, cow and cat