Magformers My First Sand World Set


Suggested Age:  3+
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  • 30 magnetic pieces
  • Pieces 'snap' together!
  • Build 10 different desert creatures
  • High quality durable pieces

Journey to the desert and build the creatures that live there with this Magformers construction set!

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Journey to the desert and discover the creatures that dwell there!

Using Magformers, build 10 different desert themed models such as a camel, scorpion, palm tree and desert fox! The pieces are all themed with orange, yellow and white for a scorching hot finish.

Each durable shape securely encases spinning magnets that never repel, so you’ll always hear the satisfying ‘click’ as they stick together. This kit can be combined with any other Magformers pieces.

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 280 × 240 × 50 mm

14 x squares

16 x triangles

15 page full colour instruction booklet