See & Snap Picture Hunt


Suggested Age:  18m+
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  • See it, snap it!
  • Pretend camera with a button that goes 'click!'
  • Develops understanding of objects, shapes and colours!
  • Match and group the cards!

There are 5 different ways to play with this picture hunt game for toddlers! Get them moving and snapping with the pretend camera!

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Let’s go on a picture hunt!

Scatter the large picture cards around the room, and let toddlers find the picture that matches the mini picture in their camera. When they find it, they can take a snap with the pretend camera. The button makes a satisfying ‘click!’ when pressed. The images on the cards cover topics like food, animals, clothing, vehicles and toys. As children learn the game, they can start to hunt for items with shared attributes, like ‘find 3 things you can eat’ or ‘find three things that you can wear.’ There are 5 different ways to play, which all revolve about matching and categorising shapes, colours and objects! There are even cards with holes in, shaped like triangles, rectangles and more. With these cards children are tasked to use the camera as a viewfinder, lining up objects to match the shape. E.g. A ball is the same shape as a circle! This engaging activity gets young children moving and builds gross motor, fine motor and matching skills.

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Dimensions 250 × 220 × 50 mm

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play camera

40 picture cards (20 small and 20 large)

5 shape cards