Waffle Blocks


Suggested Age:  2+

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  • 60 interlocking waffle shapes
  • Chunky pieces are great for little hands
  • Lots of colours for sorting and making patterns
  • Easy storage with the zip up bag

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Kids can build big with this set of 60 interlocking shapes!

These shapes can be put together to make all sorts of shapes, simple cubes easily can be transformed in houses or towers decorated with roofs and windows! The durable, chunky plastic shapes can be recombined over and over again, just by pushing them together. When playtime is over, everything packs back into the zip-up bag.

Weight 1550 g
Dimensions 320 × 320 × 150 mm

60 waffle blocks in total:

48 square waffle blocks, measuring 9 by 9 cm

8 curves

2 windows

2 triangles