Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • The pineapple has two sides and is ideal for building opposites.
  • With 26 different facial pieces to build with, children can explore the nuances of social emotional learning with every face they make.

Help children build social emotional skills by building facial expressions with this fun pineapple-themed set.

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Whether the Big Feelings Pineapple has a contented smile or an anxious frown, each build gives children the opportunity to identify and talk about how emotions look on themselves and others.

This pineapple is ready to show some emotions! Help children explore and learn about emotions and expressions using this tropical friend’s changeable mouths, eyes, eyebrows, and hands. It’s a fun, hands-on way to help children learn to recognise expressions and emotions in themselves and others. Set includes a guide with tips for introducing social emotional learning (SEL).

Assembled pineapple measures 16cm H x 10cm W x 8cm L. Ages 3+.

Warning: SMALL PARTS Not for children under (three) 3 years.

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 190 × 140 × 90 mm

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