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Suggested Age:  3+

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  • A train set, a shape sorter and a logic puzzle all in one toy!
  • Fit the pieces into the holes
  • Rubbery tactile pieces are easy to grasp
  • 48 challenges with 4 levels of difficulty
  • The train wheels spin!

Brain Train is a logic puzzle for young children that becomes a working train. Kids will have to attach the wagons before it can depart!

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This toy can be played with in 3 ways, a train set, a shape sorter and a logic puzzle!

Young children will love playing with this brightly coloured train and spinning wheels. The tactile shapes fit into the train and the carriages, making it a great shape sorter. The coloured peg pieces have a ‘soft feel’ tactile surface to help little hands grasp them. As kids they get older they can then take on the challenge booklet. here are 48 different puzzles in the challenge book, with 4 levels of difficulty from easy to master. Just select a challenge from the booklet, line up your wagons and try to fit the colourful shapes in the right position! Some pegs have different shapes on each side, so they can be turned over to provide various combinations. Each level slowly introduces the game concepts to children and builds in difficulty. Kids can use trial an error to work out which pieces go where, but Brain Train encourages them to develop logical thinking skills!

Weight 835 g
Dimensions 300 × 240 × 80 mm

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