Janod Green Market Shop


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Solid wood pretend playset
  • Everything you need to play shop!
  • 18 fruit and vegetables
  • Encourage imaginative role playing
  • French design By Janod

Children can open their own Market Shop with Janod’s latest playset. With everything you need, the set includes fruit and vegetables, scales and even a till!

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Bring the fun of the market home with this gorgeous playset.

This Kid’s greengrocer’s stall comes with 32 accessories and includes everything young shopkeepers need to run a successful greengrocer shop. Packed with items such as an openable till, scales and a chalkboard to write your opening hours or special offers on. The fruit and vegetables themselves are all solid wood and brightly coloured with paper bags to pop them in once customers have bought them with the play money provided. When it’s closing time, the clock lets you set the hours, as the hands are adjustable. The wooden market stall features six bins to sell fruit and veg, with a sign and awning and features 2 flat shelves at the top and bottom to use as a counter or to store food on. Kids will love this set and all of its little details that offer opportunities for fun imaginative play.

Please note the stall comes in kit form to be constructed by hand.

Weight 7220 g
Dimensions 515 × 400 × 165 mm

The Market Stall itself comes with a chalkboard (11cm x 5cm.), a box of chalk and a Clock (10cm.) with moving fingers. You also get 3 Paper Shopping Bags with handles (13cm x 17cm x 5cm.) and 5 cardboard food boxes. There’s plenty of wooden fruit and veggies to be sold as well, with 3 each of Apples (3cm.), Potatoes (4cm.), Carrots (8cm.), Bananas (8cm.), Strawberries (5cm.) and Beets (4cm.)