Learning Resources Tock the Learning Clock


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Turn the clock hands and Tock will announce the time
  • Learn how to read both digital and analogue clocks
  • Night light function with colour changing light

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Get hands on with time telling skills with Tock the Learning Clock!

This real working analogue and digital clock features different modes for time-telling fun. Set the hands on the clock face to any time and Tock the Learning Clock will announce the time, a great way to practice learning to read an analogue clock.

Once young learners have got the hang of telling the time, switch on ‘Quiz Mode’! Tock will give children three timed questions for them to find on the analogue clock. Add a dash more fun with ‘Music Time’! Press the button on Tock’s head and turn the clock hands to discover silly song surprises! Tock the Learning Clock can also be used as a night light with an in-built, colour-changing light when set to ‘OK to Wake’. One light means stay in bed, when it changes children know it’s ok to get out of bed. Tock the Learning Clock is great for children aged 3+.

Weight 570 g
Dimensions 280 × 230 × 100 mm

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