Magformers Rainbow 16 Piece Wow Set


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Durable magnetic construction toy
  • Create a variety of vehicles
  • 22 high quality magnetic shapes
  • Includes 20 model ideas

Magformers Rainbow 16 Piece Wow Set is a children’s magnetic construction kit. Use the colourful magnetic shapes to create vehicles and shapes.

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Create 3D structures with the award winning Magformers.

Ideal for little engineers, the kit contains 16 durable, magnetic shapes and wheel bases. Create a wide variety of vehicles with the help of 22 activity cards. Explore intriguing maths and science concepts as you lay the Magformers on template cards and then lift them from 2D into 3D shapes! Each geometric shape encases spinning magnets that never repel, so you’ll always hear the satisfying click as they latch together. This high quality magnetic construction toy includes: 6 x squares measuring 6cm (one with driver character), 8 x triangles measuring 5cm, 2 x magnetic wheel bases 1 x super rectangle, 22 x double sided plan maps, and 20 model ideas. This kit can be combined with any other Magformers pieces.

Weight 745 g
Dimensions 270 × 190 × 80 mm