Treasure Hunt Adventure Game


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Action packed game to beat boredom
  • Family fun- indoors or outside
  • Tailor the clues for different ages
  • Develops sequencing and following directions
  • Co-operative play for team building

Create a treasure hunt with this family activity kit. Lay a trail filled with clues and riddles for kids to follow to find the hidden prize!

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Get your little adventurer engaged in solving the riddles, following directions and uncovering the treasure!

Here’s the ultimate resource for planning a treasure hunt at home. There are 100 clue cards; some are simply pictures for pre-readers and more challenging word/riddle cards for older children or teams. Plot the path so that solving the clues leads to collecting gold coins and arriving at the special prize, secreted in the “Gold Bar”. Guaranteed to be providing great memories, screen-free and sociable fun.

Weight 680 g
Dimensions 280 × 210 × 70 mm

65 picture / word clues

30 riddle clue cards

5 blank cards to write or draw your own

1 meter treasure adventure puzzle game board

1 gold treasure bar

10 gold coins

1 loot bag