Wikki Stix Basic Shapes Pack


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Connect the dots to make basic shapes
  • Learn how to combine shapes to make colourful pictures!
  • 72 reusable bendy strings
  • No mess modelling
  • Includes full colour ideas booklet

Use Wikki Stix to make 10 connect-the-dot-shapes on individual boards!

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Discover and make shapes by connecting the dots with bendy Wikki Stix!

Kids will love the tactile experience of using Wikki Stix to trace and make shapes! Each card comes with numbered dots so kids can make squares, circles, triangles, arches, ovals and more! Once they’ve mastered basic shapes there is a full-colour booklet full of ideas on how to combine these shapes to make all sorts of objects and creatures! Make an owl, a rocket, a fish, or whatever you can imagine. Wikki Stix are mistake-proof, as they can be easily peeled off and used again and again. They make a great activity for kids to develop their shape recognition and fine motor skills in a fun and tactile way.

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 210 × 185 × 15 mm

£10 – £15, £15 – £20

72 wikki stix

10 individual shape cards

2 blank cards

colour booklet with shape combination ideas