Camelot Junior Logic Game


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Reunite the princess and the knight!
  • Bridge-building logic game
  • 48 puzzles split into 4 levels
  • Chunky wooden pieces
  • Develop spatial reasoning

Camelot Junior logic puzzle is a spatial reasoning and critical thinking puzzle. The 48 puzzles increase in difficulty keeping children challenged.

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Camelot Junior is a bridge-building logic game designed for 1 player.

Reunite the princess and the knight using the indicated 3-D wooden pieces to build a bridge between them. Camelot Junior comes with a full colour puzzle book containing 48 puzzles split into 4 levels of difficulty. This beautifully made childrens puzzle game is designed to stretch a player’s logical thinking skills, whilst developing spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, visual perception and their ability to follow instruction. The set includes 9 wooden pieces, 2 figurines, a full-colour activity guide and instructions in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

Weight 1090 g
Dimensions 290 × 60 × 240 mm