Coding Game


Suggested Age:  4+
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  • Create directions to the finish line
  • Race to write your code first
  • Watch out for obstacles!
  • Builds early coding skills
  • 3 different ways to play

A fun and fast paced game that serves as an early introduction to mapping and coding skills!

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This game is a great introduction for children to mapping and early coding concepts!

There’s three different ways to play with this coding game. First players will need to build the colourfully illustrated game board from the self correcting puzzle pieces. The board is split into four quarters, one for each player. To win, players need to get their piece from the start to the finish. However, before they can move their playing piece, they must map out their journey by laying down a sequence of direction tiles. The first player to ‘write’ their sequence correctly wins! Once children are confident with this, the game can be made more difficult by adding obstacles to navigate around and even jump over! A great feature is that you can differentiate by age and ability, by giving older children more obstacles.

The second mode is Treasure Hunt. This increases the challenge as now players must collect the treasure and then take it to the finish line! Obstacles can be added again, to increase difficulty.

The third mode, is a single player challenge, players flip the puzzle over to reveal the large formula one race track on the reverse. Parents can challenge children by creating an obstacle course for them to overcome, by placing obstacles between the start and finish line. Children will have to use all their mapping skills to navigate to the end! This can also be played with two players both taking turns, creating a maze for the other player to navigate through.

While this won’t teach your child how to program HTML, it lays the foundation for them to think like a coder. This game is for 1 – 4 players, though younger children will need an adult to help with set up and checking solutions.

Weight 920 g
Dimensions 280 × 250 × 60 mm

30 x piece puzzle game board measuring 44 x 44cm

132 x indication tokens; 4 jumps, 32 left, 32 right, 32 forward, 32 backwards

20 x obstacle tokens

8 x treasure tokens

1 x start token

1 x finish token

5 x vehicle playing pieces; boat, car, bus, racing car and motorcycle (boat token measures 2.5 cm tall.)