Magformers 18 Piece Wow Plus Set


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Makes 30 different cars with new click wheels
  • Driver character features swappable helmets
  • Extra play value with new puzzle and layout cards included

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An upgraded version of the best selling Magformers Wow Set

A whopping 30 different vehicle models can be made! All the features of the original kit with some modifications. The classic magnetic wheels have now been replaced with the new ‘click wheels’ for more stable vehicle construction. The driver is detachable with interchanging helmets and there are extra puzzle and shape sorting cards to bring additional play value to this set.  Explore intriguing maths and science concepts as you lay the Magformers on template cards and then lift them from 2D into 3D shapes! Each geometric shape encases spinning magnets that never repel, so you’ll always hear the satisfying click as they latch together. This kit can be combined with any other Magformers pieces.


Weight 680 g
Dimensions 270 × 180 × 75 mm

£40 – £45