Brainstorm My Very Own Fairy Jar


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Your Fairy Jar has a colour-changing LED and magical sparkle sound
  • Make your very own magical fairy world
  • Decorate the Jar with pretty flowers and leaf garland

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A beautiful and creative activity to set your imagination alive

Includes five charming mini notes and envelopes

Use the key in the sparkling-sound compartment to unlock a secret code with online activities

Packaging and leaflet are multi-lingual including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian

Awaken your imagination and create your very own fairy world with this beautiful light and sound Fairy Jar.
Place the enchanted forest background in your Jar with coloured stones and grass-green felt. Decorate with pretty flowers and leaf garland. Add the toadstools, acorn with love-heart stand and your adorable fairy, for a magical fairyland scene. Finally sprinkle with eco-fairy dust and make a magic wish!

Write a special letter to your favourite fairy, with five charming mini notes and envelopes. At bedtime, or outside in your night-time garden, the colour-changing LED turns your jar into a delightful night-light. Auto shut off saves battery life. Use the key in the sparkling-sound compartment to unlock a secret code.

Use the secret code online to discover lots of fun, fairy activities! Make edible wands and fairy energy balls. Try out your crafting skills by making fairy outfits or home-made glitter. Dance along to fairy music with your very own instruments. You can find out your fairy name (mine’s Crystal Dragon-fire!) or your birthstone. Well-being is so important, and these activities include mindfulness and yoga exercises as well as positive affirmations. Never dull your sparkle and believe in yourself today!

Weight 510 g
Dimensions 330 × 280 × 80 mm

£20 – £25