Pancake Pile Up!


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Race to create the perfect Pancake!
  • Make pancakes to match your order
  • Race it to the plate and start again
  • Team game for young children
  • Designed for 2-12 players

Pancake Pile Up is a physical children’s relay game for 2-12 players. Race to complete your pancake order in this simple gross motor skills game.

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Race to create the perfect Pancake Pile Up! This relay style game can be played head to head or in two teams.

Turn over your order card and scramble to find your first pancake. Use the spatula and race it over to your plate before returning for pancake number two! The first player or team to correctly complete their stack wins the game. This physical team game helps develop observation skills, social skills and gross motor skills like balance and coordination. In the box you’ll find: 10 x soft plastic pancakes measuring 6.5cm in diameter, 2 x plastic spatulas, 2 x thick card plates, 2 x knobs of butter, 10 x order cards and full instructions. Designed for 2-12 players.

Weight 635 g
Dimensions 310 × 160 × 80 mm