Robot Turtles Coding Game


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Race to reach the gem first!
  • Move your turtles using the coding cards!
  • Watch out for obstacles!
  • 4 different difficulty levels to play!

Teach kids the fundamentals of coding, without them even realising they are learning, in this fun family board game!

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Help kids learn the fundamentals of coding while playing a fun board game!

Players must direct their robot turtle to collect the jewel! Each turn kids will pick a coding card to feed the turtle instructions! Parents will become the ‘computer’, moving the turtles to match the command given by the kids coding card. At any time, if their code didn’t work as expected, kids can tap the bug tile to reverse their move and ‘debug’ their code!

As kids become confident with these early coding concepts, they can unlock a harder game mode! Ice walls will block their way but can be melted with a laser, stone walls must be navigated around and crates can be pushed! You can further increase the difficulty by getting kids to plan out their whole program in one go! This requires them to use everything they’ve learnt, and apply it using forward planning and logic. For the final game mode, you can introduce the advanced coding concepts of ‘functions’ as represented by the function frog card! Kids can create mini-programs to help them code efficiently and race to reach the gem first!

Robot Turtles is a game for 2 to 4 players with variable difficulty, suitable for a wide range of ages, from 4 to 12!

Weight 1235 g
Dimensions 170 × 170 × 50 mm

£20 – £25, £25 – £30

game board

40 tiles

4 robot turtle tiles

4 jewel tiles

4 code card decks (45 cards in each deck)