Sensory Genius Pencil Pushers


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Provides an optimal solution for students that need to fidget.
  • Brightly coloured, fantastic sensory aids.
  • 3 different styles of distraction, spin, twist, and pull.

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Brightly coloured fidget accessories, allows children to jump, slide, pull, or spin while doing homework or writing in the classroom.

A set of three standard pencils, each with a unique fidgeting feature to help hold attention. Spin, twist and twirl. These pencil toppers are transferable onto other standard pencils. Set includes three pencils in orange, blue an green and three multi-coloured “pushers”.
These pencils can provides an solution for students that need to fidget.

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 240 × 80 × 20 mm