SmartGames SnowWhite Deluxe


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Help the dwarves find Snow White!
  • 48 challenges from easy to expert
  • Single player logic puzzle game
  • Includes bonus picture book

Children can help the seven dwarfs to find SnowWhite in Smartgames’s latest brainteaser. Place all the characters in the rooms to logically deduce where Snow White is hiding!

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Help the 7 dwarfs find Snow White in this single-player logic puzzle!

Experience Snow White’s tale in an exciting new way with this original brainteaser by Smart Games. Young children can solve the challenges and then play with these adorable figures. The puzzles are solved by correctly placing all the characters inside the house. The symbols in each challenge offer directions about who needs to be placed where. The last empty spot in the house is always for Snow White. There is only ever one correct solution.  SnowWhite starts off with 24 challenges, with the interior of the house facing players, and then flips round to the exterior for the 24 harder puzzles. Children can open the windows and doors to check their solutions! The multi-level challenges slowly teach children the mechanics so that they learn to solve the puzzle through play.


Weight 840 g
Dimensions 290 × 240 × 80 mm

1 x 3D house
3 x single dwarf figures
2 x double dwarf figures
1 x Snow White figure
1 x Evil Queen figure
1 x booklet with 48 challenges
1 x full-colour Snow White picture book