Tobar Ludo Classic Board Game


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Classic family game with a beautiful board that has a very retro feel design
  • Set includes the game boards, 16 pawns (in 4 colours), 2 dice and detailed instructions
  • Players take turns to roll the 2 dice to race around the board in an attempt to get all of their pieces home before anyone else

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It’s the classic race around the board that everyone remembers!

Every start to Ludo is full of tension as players keep trying to roll a six and free their first playing piece. Once on the board it’s a frantic race around the track, always moving your piece forwards as far as possible to get it around the board once and onto its home track. But if you roll another six, do you leap your piece ahead or free another from the start? Ludo is a brilliant strategy game for all ages and will always be fondly remembered!

Weight 470 g
Dimensions 380 × 190 × 40 mm

£5 – £10