Touchable Bubbles


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Catch these bubbles on your fingers!
  • Blow them into the air and wait
  • Ready to catch after 10 seconds
  • Non- toxic, non-staining solution
  • Recommended for outdoor use

These Touchable Bubbles defy all the rules! Blow them, wait and hold these childrens bubbles in your hands! Amaze and confuse everyone around you!

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Amazing bubbles that defy all the rules! Touchable Bubbles can be caught on the end of your finger without bursting.

Just blow them into the air, wait 10 seconds and catch. The solution is non-toxic and non-staining but we recommend them for outdoor use. Colours may vary.

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 120 × 40 × 190 mm