Yumology – Sweets Lab


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Make 7 different tasty treats
  • Freeze and chop, no baking needed!
  • Measure liquids using scientific beakers and pipettes
  • Explore colour mixing using fruit juice
  • Super durable washable utensils

Encourage children to get in the kitchen and engage with science!

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Introduce early science skills with these kid-friendly recipes!

Use the scientific equipment in this set to make delicious treats! Kids will have to measure, weigh, mix colours and follow instructions! The seven easy to follow recipes will guide kids through the process of making tasty treats such as lemonade ice drops, protein bites, ice pops and creamy cookie bonbons. No baking or heat required. The components are all reusable and washable, so kids can come up with their own kitchen experiments or enjoy some pretend play with the and lab-style beakers and pipettes. Little scientists may require some adult assistance, but the tasty treats should be worth the combined efforts!

Please note to make the recipes included you’ll need a freezer, scales and source some common kitchen ingredients such as fruit juice, sugar, gelatin, oats, yoghurt etc.

Weight 545 g
Dimensions 120 × 250 × 230 mm

£15 – £20, £20 – £25

1 icy gem mould

4 shapesicle moulds

1 shapesicle base

1 sweets dropper

1 beaker

1 graduated cylinder

1 two-piece chippy chopper

multilingual recipe guide

largest part cylinder measures 22.2cm high