Brick Party Game


Suggested Age:  5+
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  • Crazy construction and communication game
  • Be the first team to match the target shape
  • You build what your team mate describes
  • Twist cards create “handicaps” for the players
  • Party game for 2-9 players

A fun and frantic family game – Be the first team to build your shape to win! The twist is you have to explain how to build the block to your teammate!

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Brick Party is a frenzied game testing dexterity, spatial reasoning and creative communication.

The players divide into teams of two and decide who will be doing the building and who will be the “architect” . The architect describes to the builder what to build to match the chosen card. The first team to complete their structure wins. The twist? Each round, a new twist card is turned over- it may mean the builder has to construct with only one hand or not using thumbs! Or the architect may only be able to say “Yes” and “No”. The next round means a new partner, a new “twist” and a new shape. Are you a constructor or a communicator? This madcap game will put your skills to the test!

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Dimensions 220 × 160 × 45 mm