Do It Yourself Mosaic Tiaras


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • 4 beautiful tiaras to decorate
  • Apply gems and sparkling shapes
  • Self-adhesive, no glue needed!
  • Ribbon included

Become an elegant princess with these DIY colourfully detailed tiaras from Djeco!

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Decorate these royal tiaras with sparkling mosaic pieces and gemstone stickers!

Each tiara is topped with a peacock, flamingo, bluebird and hummingbird design, ready to be embellished! The gemstones and mosaic shapes are pre-cut and self-adhesive, no glue or scissors needed! Colour guide and instructions included.


£5 – £10

4 tiaras measuring 26 x 12cm approx

Sparking mosaic shapes

Gemstone stickers