Dragon Throwing Ball


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Throwing and catching game
  • Comet tail streams through the air!
  • Play in pairs or as a team
  • Get kids active and running about
  • Develop children's gross motor skills

Kids can throw and catch with this long tailed dragon ball!

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Catch and throw with this long tailed Chinese dragon!

Kids can throw the dragon by holding it by the tail and spinning it round. Then let go to hurl it skywards, the long tail will stream behind it like a comet! Catch it on different parts of the body to get points. Each section is colour coded to make identifying it easy. The head is green and worth 3 points, the blue middle worth 2 and the ribboned tail is worth 1 point! This comet ball is lightweight, perfect for taking to the park. The throwing game can be played in teams or individually, for 2 to 8 players!


Weight 125 g
Dimensions 160 × 110 × 110 mm

1 throwing ball with tail, measuring 90cm in length