Dragon’s Breath


Suggested Age:  5+
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  • Melt the ice to collect gems
  • Strategically guess which colours will fall!
  • Kids will want to hoard the sparkling treasure!
  • A great family game for 2-4 players

It’s a guessing game, to see which baby dragon can collect the most gems as the ice melts!

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Melt the ice and collect the gems in this adorable game from Haba!

Each turn the daddy dragon will melt the ice and gems will fall out! Kids can only choose a single colour of gems to collect each turn! Picking between red, blue, green, purple or yellow, players will need to look at the stack and strategically work out what colour will fall! Once the gems fall out, they can only collect the colour they chose! The player with the most gems at the end of the game wins! As this is a guessing game, luck will play a large part in who wins, so all abilities and ages can play together! The game box forms the board, with handy dividers for storing the baby dragon’s hoard of gems. This fun, fast paced game to play with 2-4 players that should take about 15 minutes to finish. It’s also the winner of the Children’s game of the year 2018 for the Kinderspiel Des Jahres, so comes well recommended!

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 220 × 220 × 50 mm

90 sparkling plastic gems

9 ice rings

wooden dragon

dividers and game board

4 baby dragons