Gyrobix Revolutions


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Giant kinetic wheel toy
  • Put the magnetic wheels on the rails
  • Move the track to control the motion
  • Master all 3 moving at once
  • Large enough to step through!

The Gyrobix Revolution is like a giant kinetic wheel. Hold the handles and make the magnetic wheels in this scientific toy zoom around the track.

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Make the magnetic wheels speed around the track with the Gyrobix Revolution.

The metal hoop construction acts like a giant kinetic wheel; hold the handles and move the track to control the motion of the wheels. The simplicity of the movements required allows children to look skillful immediately making it instantly gratifying. There are 3 magnetic wheels in this kit one of which glows in the dark. Master one and try adding in another. The frame is large enough to maneuver your whole body through whilst they zoom around you! This award winning active toy can be used to demonstrate kinetic energy as well and helping with coordination and balance. The Gyrobix Revolution measures 53cm in diameter and comes in silver or metallic purple. Each magnetic wheel measures 7cm in diameter. Colours vary.

Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 550 × 100 × 550 mm