Botley the Coding Robot


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Help kids to learn the foundations of coding
  • Hands on STEM toy
  • Grows with kids as they learn
  • Object detection & black line following
  • Hidden features are unlocked as kids create their own programs

Botley the coding robot gives kids the opportunity to  learn the fundamentals of coding through play and experimentation! This fun little robot is hands on STEM learning at it’s best!

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Botley is a programmable pal that teaches children the fundamentals of coding, through experimentation and play!

This activity set is great for STEM learning, helping children develop their logic and planning skills, all while having fun. Programming is taught in schools and it’s widely acknowledged that coding skill are needed for the future. This kit will help kids learn how to code with confidence.

It’s simple enough for a 5 year old to use, but has the capacity to code up to 80 different steps, so there’s lots of scope for an older child to send this friendly little robot off on a complex mission! Children can visualise the path Botley needs to take by laying out the coding cards first, to work out the order they need to input Botley’s program. This makes ‘de-bugging’ their sequence easy, if their program isn’t quite right!

Children can easily program Botley using the remote to perform a variety of actions, each a ‘step’.  The steps available are: move forward, turn left, turn right, reverse, detect object, avoid object, make a sound and loop (to repeat a step or sequence). Once a sequence has been programmed, press the green transmit button and watch Botley go!

Botley features LED lights on the top that show the direction of each step, so children can see what it’ll do next. It also makes adorable noises as it performs it’s functions. There are even hidden noises for children to discover. This little robot even has has object detection, which means it can be programmed to preform a chain of actions upon encountering an obstacle. Whether it’s to push past it, dodge around it, or just stop. Detachable arms are also supplied that enable Botley to move objects. With each step Botley takes forward, sideways or back, it travels 20cm. Botley’s chunky wheels let him manoeuvre on a variety of surfaces, so it can be used off the table! Set up your own obstacle course with things from around the home, and bring coding into the play environment! Botley also comes with a black line mode, just draw out a path with a marker pen on a large sheet of paper and Botley will follow it, tracing the line with a special sensor mounted underneath.

Once children are feeling confident with Botley’s capabilities they can experiment with making their own freeform programs! Learning Resources even has made videos to help you learn how to use Botley’s different features. See our ‘How to use Botley tab’

To use Botley and the remote you’ll need 5 x AAA batteries. (Not included)

If you are looking for a more focused introduction to the basics of coding why not have a look at the Coding Mouse from Learning Resources.

This was featured on our blog as one of our top picks from the London Toy Fair 2018! 

Weight 710 g
Dimensions 205 × 155 × 155 mm

1 x Botley
1 x Remote Programmer
2 x Detachable Robot Arms
1 x Detachable Glasses
40 x Activity Cards
1 x Coding starter guide

How to code your way through an obstacle course with Botley

How to use looping commands with Botley

How to use object detection with Botley

How to activate blackline following with Botley