Learning Resources Hot Dots Reading & Maths Set 2


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • The pen provides instant audio feedback and lights up green for correct responses and provides gentle redirection and lights up red for incorrect answers.
  • This set includes a Hot Dots Light-Up Interactive Pen, and a spiral-bound reading activity book and maths activity book, both made from durable card.
  • Each spiral-bound book has 50 colourful pages and is durable and easy for young children to use

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Learning Resources Hot Dots® Learn at Home Reading & Maths Set 2, Ages 5+.

Hot Dots® is a unique self-paced learning system that’s ideal for independent maths and literacy practice at home. Each of these sets includes a maths activity book, literacy activity book, and Hot Dots Light-up Interactive Pen. There are 100 pages of activities per set to keep kids busy and learning. To use, children simply press the Hot Dots Pen tip to an answer dot for an immediate sound and/or light response. The pen flashes green lights or encouraging sounds for correct answers, and red lights with gentle redirections for incorrect answers. Pen measures 14cm L. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. 3 Piece Set

Weight 980 g
Dimensions 300 × 260 × 40 mm

£35 – £40