Liquid Reactor Super Lab – Beaker Creatures


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • 15 piece set with 2 beaker creatures
  • Extract your creature using the plungers
  • Classify and identify it just like a real scientist
  • There's 4 extra experiments to try!
  • Each Beaker Creature comes with fun science facts!

Reveal the hidden beaker creatures by plunging the hydraulic syringes and then perform fascinating watery experiments!

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Explore the science of liquids with this science activity playset!

Kids can use the syringe plungers to dissolve the reactor pods to reveal the beaker creatures hiding within! The water reacts with the pods like a bath bomb, fizzing and bubbling away in a wonderfully exciting mess. Remove your creatures from the chamber using the included tongs for close up investigation. The pack includes a classification card for each creature to identify them and two mini-posters with science facts and fun images to extend the learning. Once the beaker creatures have been revealed, kids can use the syringe plungers to mix fluids together in 4 different experiments. Create a whirlpool, use food colouring to mix colours, make alien slime and see how oil and water interact. Please note some extra household ingredients for these experiments will be required.

Weight 1035 g
Dimensions 380 × 260 × 100 mm

5-piece lab set includes:
2 beaker creature reactor pods (colours may vary)
2 classification cards
2 double-sided mini-posters featuring amazing science facts and fun images
2 hydroplungers
2 beakers
liquid reactor super lab base
set of tongs and a stir rod
experiment guide featuring step-by-step instructions for 4 experiments
full-size poster for display