Magnet Movers


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • 10 magnetic experiments for kids
  • Watch magnets slide, spin, move & snap
  • Develop children's understanding of physics
  • Hands on science!

Make magnetism attractive to kids with this fun experiment and activity set!

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Introduce children to magnets with this set of science activities and experiments!

Get kids hands-on with these experiments to learn about magnetism. They’ll explore the concepts of magnetic repulsion and attraction, watching as their magnets perform all sorts of amazing tricks. The magnets will float in mid-air, spring and snap, as if by magic! Through experimentation they’ll find out which household objects will stick to the magnet and which won’t! Children will also have to complete mini challenges like picking up objects with the magnetic wand and creating a magnetic fishing rod. Once they’ve completed all of the 10 activities, kids can use the magnets to create their own games and experiments!

Please note that some common household objects will be needed to complete the experiments in this set, such as paperclips, paper, bowls, water, pen etc.

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 200 × 210 × 80 mm

39 piece set includes;

magnetic wand

magnetic post

2 magnetic rings

bar magnet

2 magnetic balls

horseshoe magnet


30 colour chips

activity guide included