Playfoam Pluffle 2 Pack


Suggested Age:  3+
  • Squishy, fluffy kinetic foam
  • Hypnotic movement as it falls apart!
  • Two tubes of vibrant coloured Pluffle
  • Never dries out
  • Doesn't stick to hair or clothes

A new sensory product from Learning Resources. Pluffle has fluffy kinetic properties that make it a treat to watch or handle!

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Get your hands on this touchy-feely stuff!

Mesmerising and tactile, this kinetic play foam moves by itself! Kids can turn the tube upside down to see it move or get it out and give it a squeeze. Addictive to observe, Pluffle is a visually satisfying experience! Mix the colours together and watch this fluffy mass move fall apart by itself in a hypnotic crumbling motion. Playfoam Pluffle never dries out, is non-toxic and doesn’t stick to skin or clothes. No matter how hard you compress the product it always expands back to its fluffy self automatically without encouragement. It’s a great addition to any sensory or messy play tray!

Pluffle is available in a pack of two colours; Pink & Green, Blue & Red, Purple & Yellow. Just select from the dropdown which colour you’d like.

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 230 × 140 × 70 mm

Yellow & Purple, Pink & Green, Red & Blue


£10 – £15

2 tubes of brightly coloured pluffle playfoam available in a pack of two colour combinations; pink & green, glue & red, purple & yellow