Smart Farmer Puzzle Game


Suggested Age:  5+
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  • Separate the animals by placing fences
  • 60 challenges to solve
  • Multi level difficulty
  • Single player brainteaser
  • Develops spatial reasoning and concentration

Separate the animals into their paddocks, with this brainteaser from SmartGames!

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Children must become a Smart Farmer and separate their herds!

Set up the game using the challenge booklet. Children then try to separate the different animals by placing down fences on the board. Horses, cows, pigs and sheep must go in their own fields! As the difficulty increases, each field must include it’s own water trough as well as the separated animals. Each challenge has only one possible solution to beat it! Theres 60 easy to expert challenges to beat in this single player logic puzzle from SmartGames. It’s a great game to develop children’s spatial reasoning and concentration. The rubbery tactile pieces have lots of play value, and children will have as much fun playing with the animals, as they will solving the puzzles!


Weight 530 g
Dimensions 250 × 240 × 60 mm