Space Lab


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • 12 fun and simple experiments
  • Explore early physics concepts
  • Get little astronauts excited about STEM learning!
  • Hands on activities making and doing!

Blast off with this science activity set themed around outer space – There’s so much for kids to do and learn!

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Galt Space Lab is a great science activity kit to get young kids engaged with learning about the wonders of the cosmos!

Packed full with 12 experiments to complete. Make glow-in-the-dark constellation models, build a telescope and launch your own rocket. Experiment with shadows, mix up galaxy slime and create a solar system in your room!  This is a great kit to encourage early stem learning and scientific thinking. Please note some additional household items may be required such as a tape measure, bicycle pump, pens, ice cubes etc.


Weight 520 g
Dimensions 310 × 220 × 70 mm

£10 – £15

22 glow stars with 46 glow connectors

10 constellation straws

rocket bottle and fins

nose cone

rubber stopper


galaxy slime powder

3 telescope lenses

2 paper straws

white tack

split pin

plastic sheet

A3 constellation guide

printed card pieces

glow planet stickers

sticker sheet, notepad and 24-page Lab book