Space Mission Nonsense Words


Suggested Age:  4+

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  • Children's phonics game
  • Read and pronounce the words to win!
  • Rubbery spaceships with suction cups
  • 104 real and nonsense words to practice
  • For 1 - 4 players

Blast off into space to rescue stranded astronauts and aliens! But will children be able to sound out the word on their cards correctly?

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Read and pronounce the word correctly to rescue the stranded astronauts!

Use your spaceship’s tractor beam sucker to rescue an astronaut or alien. Children must say the word on the card correctly to save them! The first to rescue 3 humans and 3 aliens wins! Watch out though, theres a mixture of real and nonsense words for them to sound out. Nonsense words are used in school to test children’s ability to phonetically sound out words. If you want to understand nonsense words, think of reading Roald Dahl’s fantastical words like fizzwiggler, whiffswiddle and frobscottle! By presenting children with words they’d never encounter anywhere else,  it tests how they sound out and blend the words as they cannot simply recite it from memory. Children’s ability to read nonsense words is part of the national curriculum in Year 1. There are 52 real words and 52 nonsense words to practice with, each colour coded for different levels. This is a game for 1- 4 players and can be played alone or with others.

Weight 670 g
Dimensions 270 × 220 × 60 mm

110 x game cards, includes 52 real words and 52 nonsense words

4 x spaceships with suckers

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