Time Activity Set


Suggested Age:  5+
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  • Teaching clock with moveable hands
  • Roll the foam dice to generate times
  • Divide Kid's day up into activities
  • Piece together the analog/digital puzzle cards!

Help children get to grips with telling the time with this activity set!

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Help children get to grip with telling the time with the Learning Resources Time Activity Set!

This box comes packed with everything kids need to get started on learning to tell the time. The main feature is the cheerful yellow plastic clock, which comes with movable hands to set both the hour and minutes. You can test children, by rolling the foam time dice to generate a time, and then they have to set the correct time! To practise writing time, theres a mini write and wipe clock, that can be used with the time dice.

Also included are a set of daily activities cards, with images of daily routines such as brushing your teeth, bedtime, school and lessons.  Children can arrange these to reflect their daily schedule. Each wipe clean card has a clock on, that can be filled in for both analog and digital time. To help children equate analog to digital time, they can also piece together the time puzzle pairs, matching the clock hands to numbers!

With 3 levels of learning, this set starts from the basics and builds upwards to help children become confident in their time telling!

Please note you’ll need to supply your own dry erase marker to use the write and wipe features of this set.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 260 × 220 × 65 mm

£10 – £15, £15 – £20

41 piece activity set:

plastic clock with moveable hands, measuring 13 cm high.

24 double-sided analog and digital puzzle cards

12 double sided write and wipe cards

3 foam time dice, for setting the clocks

write & wipe mini clock

activity guide